A memoir by Pam Vecchio.
A book of healing and inspiration.

Pam has been in the healing profession for many years as a Nurse Practitioner and an RN. She writes of her experiences, leading toward enlightenment and finding home.

"I write with the intention to inspire others to discover their truest potential and find the courage to heal. I believe in world healing and that we can affect others around us by encouraging them to heal as well. I hope to help others recognize their dreams and through these discover the many possibilities that are available to make them come true. This would be my hope to allow us to achieve a phenomenon greater the we know now."


The Gift From Within:  Paperback – June 14, 2022
by Pam Vecchio (Author)

From the book: Presently I feel I am living the proverbial "dream". There are days when I wake up, look out my window, and feel the need to pinch myself. It is then I am reminded what an incredibly beautiful life I am living. The windows of my bedroom are precisely situated above my horse's corrals. Besides my golden retrievers lying on the bed next to me, my horses are the first ones I wake up to and the last ones as I go to sleep.

When I awake and frequently through the day, I gaze out the french doors of my home. It is there where I see the ever-changing mountains with storm clouds, colors, sunsets and a few that can only be captured by those who chose to witness it. From the full moon rising in the east, to the stars twinling in the sky at night, I love my home in Montana. I have friends, activities, and most of all a beautiful place for all my four-legged's to thrive (to include my love birds).

Pam can be reached by email at: vecchiopj@hotmail.com